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5 Reasons to have a Conference in Edinburgh


Published By royalscotsclub on 02/10/2014

The world is full of vibrant and interesting cities which have their own conference venues and something to offer you, so why choose Edinburgh? From all the cities that you could be considering for your conference, Edinburgh has many distinct reasons which make it a perfect conference location. Here we’re looking at five reasons we think you should have your conference in Edinburgh.

1.  Edinburgh is… business led

As most conferences are professional events, our leading point is all about business. Edinburgh is the home of the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish Executive and a wide range of national and international headquarters for banks, businesses and other organisations. It’s also a leading city in many other sectors including law, information technology and commerce. You will be holding your conference in a hive of business activity and somewhere your delegates will be excited to visit and get to know.

2. Edinburgh is… historical

The architecture and history behind Edinburgh makes it an attractive prospect for any visitor. The elegance of the city and the skyline, complete with Castle and Arthur’s Seat is atmospheric and inspiring. If some of this inspiration rubs off on your delegates than your event may be packed with the buzz and excitement you were hoping for.

3. Edinburgh is… a cultural centre

Edinburgh plays host to a year-round programme of arts and festivals including music, theatre and dance, providing plenty of opportunities of entertainment. It gives your guests something to do or it gives you plenty of opportunities to arrange entertainment on behalf of your company or make some suggestions to delegates travelling from afar.

4. Edinburgh is… compact

The small and tightly packed size of Edinburgh city centre makes it wonderful for short visits and so even if your event only has people staying overnight or for a couple of days they will have the chance to have a walk around the city and take in some of its most famous sights. Venues in the surrounding area of the city are usually only a few minutes from the centre and this allows easy access to dining and leisure facilities.

5. Edinburgh is… diverse

With students and professionals regularly moving in and out of the city, Edinburgh has a diverse population and this is reflected in its facilities. This also means that there is something for everyone so if you aren’t putting on entertainment you can be sure all delegates will be able to find something to satisfy them in the city, whether they enjoy a show, dinner or simply relax in their accommodation. The diverse nature of Edinburgh makes it an extremely welcoming and open city too.

Holding your conference in Edinburgh gives it a boost before anyone even starts talking.

For more information about the Royal Scots Club as a conference venue, get in touch with us directly.

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