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The Advantages of a Winter Wedding


Published By royalscotsclub on 01/12/2016

Many people dream of a wedding basking in the sunlight with fresh green lawns and flowers in bloom but there is a lot to be said for a classy winter wedding. Our atmospheric location makes us a wedding venue Edinburgh locals and those visiting the area really can enjoy in any season. In the winter our surroundings are just perfect, with roaring open fires inside and beautiful frosted greenery outside, there is plenty of potential for a fantastic and memorable wedding day. What’s more we are one of many wedding reception venues Edinburgh couples can book and enjoy some traditional, hearty and wintry Scottish fayre.

Winter weddings are not always the first choice for couples but if you’re trying to decide if it’s the right choice for you, consider these advantages.

Get your Venue

Summer is peak wedding season and you may find yourself repeatedly disappointed trying to book a dream venue for your perfect date. A date in the winter months is almost guaranteed to make it easier to get your dream venue and it’ll make for a really special day in the place you wanted it to happen.

Better Access to Wedding Suppliers

A less busy season means less busy wedding suppliers so you can place your orders and get exactly what you wanted without fighting with long waiting lists or filled timeslots. Many of the most sought after wedding suppliers are booked far in advance in the summer but you may get lucky in the winter and they also may have reduced prices as it is off season.

Beautiful Winter Wonderland Photographs

Snow is never guaranteed in Edinburgh but it does come our way sometimes and even if it doesn’t the crisp, frosty atmosphere makes for a beautiful backdrop for your wedding shots. There is something glamourous about a wintry scene which helps make the photos pop that little bit more and feel even more original and unique to your special day.

A Chance to Embrace the Unique

Of course, there are thousands of winter weddings every year but there is more freedom to do things a little differently. They’re less common that summer weddings so you’re already in a minority group so it’s a great excuse to add some extra charm and unique features to your big day. Add faux fur and extra warm details to your dress, bringing in even more glamour and your decorations can keep the wintry theme alive too.

Choosing a wedding venue which can cater for a truly spectacular winter wedding depends on your individual requirements. However, we believe our breath-taking architecture, warm and cosy interior and beautiful surroundings make the Royal Scots Club an exceptional choice.

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