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Where to Begin with Wedding Planning


Published By Crush Admin on 15/12/2017

Once the excitement of your engagement has sunk in, planning mode has to kick off. There doesn’t need to be a huge rush of action within the first few days, weeks or even months but you may want to think broadly about your hopes for your big day. As providers of wedding reception venues Edinburgh couples really love we know exactly how quickly thing can get booked up so the more you plan, the less disappointment you’ll have to face. Below are our top tips for the first steps towards planning your wedding.

Timetable It

You will have people asking ‘so when’s the big day?’ almost instantly and chances are you simply won’t know. You need to make many other major decisions like choosing your venue first. You can sketch a rough timetable though, you may know which season you’d like to get married in and you may know you want to avoid specific dates such as birthdays or existing celebrations.

Find your Style

Before considering venues, cakes, dresses or anything else picture your dream wedding. You may not be able to have exactly that but you can get a feel of the style you’re after and begin there. Explore wedding magazines, think about the style of venue which really suits you and then you have a frame to fit into. Do you want to be outdoors or indoors? Do you want a modern or vintage feel? The sooner you answer these questions the sooner you can narrow down your venue, suppliers and other necessities.

Budget with Care

Wedding costs can spiral very quickly out of control. Once you know your budget be strict and make your plans within it. If your family is contributing be sure to see what they specifically want to help with as this may effect the volume they’re willing to put towards it. There are many online budgeting tools for weddings, which may seem a little practical for the biggest day of your life, but they can ensure you don’t end up in financial difficulty for the sake of one occasion.

Think about Guests

If you get down on paper everyone who simply has to attend your wedding, then you are able to once again whittle down your potential venues to those which fit your guest volume. If you have a particular style of ceremony in mind you may need to be selective with your guest list so be careful and think over what matters most – people or occasion.

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