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A chat with our May Speaker


Published By Members Admin on 18/04/2017

Ahead of the Speaker’s Lunch on 24 May ‘100 days of Trump’, we caught up with our speaker Jason Boxt.

Tell us a little about what you do.

I work for a strategic research firm called PSB – we started as just a political research firm (interviews, surveys focus groups, the like), but have since expanded into a large research consultancy with offices from London to DC to LA. I help my clients work through difficult political or business decisions or challenges by telling them – through research – who they need to be talking to, what they need to be saying, and where they should be saying it.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

I would say I enjoy being in a position to help my clients untangle complicated problems, across a range of industries and sectors. I never get bored with my work because every day (every hour!) there’s something different coming across my desk.  And I really enjoy being surrounded by colleagues who share that passion and curiosity.

What made you decide to create this particular talk?

I have been coming over to the UK now for nearly five years meeting with people and organizations about not only politics in the US, but in the UK. Ive come to learn over the years how common many of our problems and concerns are, and that we all fundamentally want the same things, for ourselves, our families and our countries. And in the course of these visits, I’ve also made quite a few friends who I enjoy getting to visit each year!  I’m also looking forward to returning in October for the Scottish Parliament’s Festival of Politics.

How long are you in Scotland for and you have plans to see anything in particular?

I’m in the UK for about a week, starting in London for a few days and finishing in Edinburgh (my home away from home!). I’ve never been in Edinburgh in May, so while I have no specific sights in mind for this trip, I am certainly open to suggestions! But one note – no haggis for me! Sit me down with a dram of a 12 year old scotch and a plate of fish and chips, and I’m happy!

What super power would you want and why?

It may come as a shock to some who know me, but I’m actually quite shy in large groups and sometimes I wish I could just be invisible and take in things around me without actually being seen myself. As a social scientist who loves learning about others, I think being able to observe people whilst invisible would be pretty neat.

You can book places for Jason’s talk here

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