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Choose Edinburgh for your Honeymoon


Published By Crush Admin on 20/09/2017

Many a couple comes up to Edinburgh and even the Royal Scots Club for their wedding. With fantastic venues and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder people want to get married here but how many stay for their honeymoon? The wedding reception venues Edinburgh has to offer often make great spots to stay for longer and enjoy an extended break, mini-moon or even whole honeymoon.

Edinburgh is second most visited city in the United Kingdom outside of London and it is packed with wonderful ways to spend your time as newlyweds. If you’re considering an Edinburgh honeymoon you must keep the following attractions and experiences in mind:

The Castle

We know we’ve mentioned Edinburgh castle many times but if you’re in the city for a romantic getaway it cannot be missed. Around the city you can see the castle stood up high on its hill and heading up the hill for a closer look is a wonderfully romantic day out.

The Culture

Whether it’s festival season or not Edinburgh is absolutely packed with cultural experiences. Arts venues, unique cinemas, galleries and museums provide hours of entertainment and fun if you and your new spouse fancy taking some time to get to know the city.

The Country

If you want to get away from the bustling heart of the city then head to the Lothians. Quaint country experiences and the chance to stroll in the country with only your significant other is a lovely change from the busy nature of the city. It’s a wonderful chance to enjoy the natural beauty of Scotland, while knowing you can return to the city quite quickly.

Choosing Edinburgh for your honeymoon as well as your wedding is a great idea. You can make the most of your chosen reception venue or head further afield to experience the beauty of the city and surrounding countryside.

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