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Choosing a Club over a Hotel for your Corporate Business Meeting


Published By royalscotsclub on 26/06/2014

When choosing the venue for a business meeting there are a wide range of different options available. Many people simply pick the nearest hotel conference facilities to their office or choose a hotel in the centre of town – but there are many more and in our opinion, better options available.

The Royal Scots Club offers exquisite business meeting and conference facilities to allow for a range of different companies and businesses to enjoy their events. There are many benefits of choosing a club over a hotel for your corporate business meeting. Here is a closer look at the top reasons why choosing a club is a great decision.

Personalised Service

The size of many hotels means they don’t have the time or the manpower to focus on the individual needs of each business customer. They tend to have a set business package and the same is offered to all clients. A club is different, a club offers a personalised service to suit your business. Staff are assigned specifically to your event to ensure your needs are met and attentiveness is of paramount importance.

Relaxed and Informal

Although all meetings may not be designed to be informal, having a relaxed and informal environment to setup in will really help the nerves and stresses that come in line with preparing an important event. Being able to relax before and after the big event is really important and can help the organisers focus and deliver an event which is better organised because the stress factor has been removed.

Incentives for Repeat Business

Opting for a hotel can be quick and efficient but it can be impersonal. Even if you hold your annual conference or meeting in the same hotel every year you’ll be very lucky if you receive any discounts or recognition for your repeat service. The personalised service offered by a club means you’re remembered and warmly welcomed back, you may also be able to negotiate a discount or better rate if you have several meetings or conferences held with the same club. Repeat business and loyalty is respected and valued.

Price Point

When comparing the prices of hiring event space and conference venues clients are very surprised at the stark differences between central hotels and central clubs. The pricing of clubs is highly competitive and offers much better value than a typical city centre hotel. Pricing options are almost always indicative of better value for money.

Regular Refurbs and Refreshes

We’re sure you’ve seen the signs inside and outside hotels, proclaiming the refurbishment will be complete within 6 months, a year or even longer. These long waits are no good if you’re looking for a comfortable and modern venue here and now. Refurbishments and regular renovations are carried out regularly at clubs with the improvement of facilities a general evolutionary process rather than a one off event which takes up months of time.

Choosing the right venue for your meeting or conference can make it or break it. Considering a club instead of a hotel is something many businesses have done and they have reaped the rewards.

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