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DIY Wedding Tips


Published By royalscotsclub on 16/09/2014

Five Ways to get the most for your Money

Your wedding may be the best day of your life but that doesn’t mean you have to blow all your savings on the big day. A little bit of budget planning and a couple of cunning plans is enough to see your costs cut in half and here we’re looking at some of the ways you can get the most from your money and have a wedding day to remember.

1) Daily Deal it

OK, you might be a bit sick of those daily deal emails landing in your inbox five times a day but if you look a little bit closer you’ll see that there are all kinds of wedding packages available at amazing prices. You may not want to go the whole hog and book everything through one of these sites but you might be able to secure your caterers, your photographer or another key element of your big day.

2) Keep it in the Family

When you think about it, you’ll probably realise that your family have a ton of hidden talents you can benefit from. If little sis is an art student maybe she can knock up some stunning invitations and everyone has an auntie or gran who is an expert baker. If dad’s a bit of a car enthusiast then maybe he’ll consider renting that luxury vehicle to get you to the venue. Ask around, let people know how much you genuinely want them involved in your big day and you’ll probably be surprised how much support you get.

3) Shop around and always haggle

There are so many dedicated events up and down the country that give you the opportunity to meet and chat with those working in the weddings industry. Our Wedding Fair & Open Day is one such event where you can come and see our venue as well as the chance to meet with suppliers of a wide range of wedding goods and services. The more events you can attend the better the picture you can create for your ideal experience and you may even be able to secure a few discount deals with a little haggling.

4) Go Preowned

There’s no shame in opting for preowned wedding accessories and products. There are even some stunning preowned and even vintage wedding dresses out there for prices much better than you may find on the high street. Small flaws which may mean a huge knockdown in price can be cheaply fixed by a professional seamstress or even yourself or a friend you trust with a needle. Popular auction sites regularly list bundles of preloved themed wedding goods which could be perfect for adding the finishing touches.

5) Grow your own flowers

If you are green fingered and have a garden to be proud of then why invest thousands when you can use your own blooms? Picking your own flowers and decorating in a unique and personal way really works. You could pop your blooms in vases or buckets for table decorations and adding a little foliage will create a voluminous, natural style. Mirror-based pots and vases also double up the floral effect, meaning you don’t have to raze your flowerbeds to the ground.

6) Oh no, we only budgeted for 5 tips!

Keeping your budget clearly in mind will help you focus on getting every element of your wedding just so without having to consider taking out a second mortgage. If you’re interested in looking at the Royal Scots Club as a possible venue, get in touch. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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