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Five Common Meeting Problems and How to Overcome Them


Published By Crush Admin on 30/10/2017

Organising meetings can be stressful and there are lots of factors to consider, not all of them fully controllable. Almost every meeting has at least one hiccup, the important thing is knowing how to handle them. As a known provider of meeting rooms Edinburgh businesses book regularly, we have seen every kind of problem and many of the solutions too. Here are five of the most common meeting problems and how you can overcome them.

Unexpected Delegates

No one wants to turn people away from their meetings, so handling extra guests can be a trial. It could be people haven’t confirmed or others have said they can’t attend but they’ve changed their minds. In any event you should be prepared to allow for a small volume of unexpected guests. Make it very clear that the venue you choose has a maximum capacity and if you cannot allow any extra guests beyond those who have confirmed, be sure to email every potential attendee so they are aware they can’t simply change their mind.

Supplier Issues

If your meetings are dependent on external suppliers then each one adds a potential risk factor to the success of your event. Having reliable suppliers is one thing but you should also ensure you have a back-up plan should the worst occur.

Delegate Confusion

Not everyone arrives at a venue prepared and so you have to treat every delegate with the same level of support and reiterate information you may already have shared. If you work on the basis that you provide the same introductory knowledge to all delegates, even if you sent it out in a preparatory email, then you can avoid confusion from the off.

Late Speakers

When you’re relying on expert or keynote speakers from outside your business, or even within, there may be delays and issues you cannot avoid. Speakers paid to attend events often have very busy schedules and may be delayed. You just need to make sure you have a back-up plan once again. Add in networking time or similar so your delegates can get to know each other without feeling like there is a significant delay.

Technology Failures

Technology failures can happen at any time and more often than not it’s with AV equipment you’re not used to, if you’re renting a venue or similar. Good venues will always have their own in-house team ready to support you and although that awkward moment where slides or videos don’t load is never fun, it can quickly and easily be fixed, and your spoken content should be the star of the presentation anyway.

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