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Your Five Point Guide to Choosing a Wedding Venue


Published By royalscotsclub on 26/12/2016

Whether you’re newly engaged or have enjoyed a longer time waiting for your big day, booking your venue is a key step in finalising your plans. There are many wedding venues Edinburgh couples and those looking to marry in Edinburgh can choose from but how do you decide which is right for your needs? Before you make plans to visit hundreds of different venues, consider these points and you may be able to cut down your shortlist before you even arrange a single visit:

1. Communicate

The first step in any wedding plans should be discussion. You and your fiancé need to discuss what both of you want to ensure it’s a big day you’ll both enjoy. You may have different ideas and need to come to a compromise and this is something you want ironed out before you start visiting venues and making irreversible plans.

2. Budget

Knowing your budget from the off can feel limiting but it allows you to ensure everything is planned within your means. It is very easy to go overboard when picking a wedding venue or opt for the most extravagant option thanks to an overzealous sales person. If you know your budget you can be firm, present it to any venue representatives and discuss whether your needs can be met by their venue and not whether you can stretch to every last penny to afford a venue that may not even be right.

3. Don’t Forget your Guests

Where are your guests based? Yes, your wedding is your big day but you don’t want your family all having to cancel or spend a fortune in travelling costs for the sake of a venue. If you want a big family affair, then pick a venue with rooms which can be booked by your guests or opt for a location they can easily travel to without huge expense.

4. Be Flexible

The more flexible you can be, the better the chance you will get that dream venue. Unless your wedding date is already set in stone then be prepared to move the date to get the dream venue. The more flexible you can be the wider your choice of venues will be also.

5. Cater to your Numbers

Although you may not know how many people will be able to attend your wedding, you can make a rough estimate and you should know how many people you want to attend. A rough idea of the numbers you have in mind may immediately limit your venue choice and make it easier to find the right one for your needs.

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