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Five Tips for Better Meetings


Published By Crush Admin on 01/12/2017

Business meetings should be a chance to gain something for your company. They shouldn’t be overly stressful and definitely shouldn’t be disorganised. As a leading provider of meeting rooms Edinburgh businesses use regularly we have seen both the most organised and least organised meetings and have some great insights into how to get more out of your event.

  1. Keep your Sole Focus

What is the purpose of your meeting? This needs to be set in stone before any organisation begins or invitations go out. There is nothing worse than a business meeting that meanders in several directions with no real purpose. Keep your sole business focus in mind and effectively build your agenda around this.

  1. Invite Key Individuals

Most meetings don’t require huge amounts of attendees. You need to make sure you have the right people there and you want to make sure only people who really need to attend are there, otherwise you’ll find you’re wasting your own time and theirs too. Identify and select key decision makers essential for your meeting and its focus.

  1. Give Meeting Roles

For a truly successful meeting you should consider handing out specific roles to certain attendees, as it helps to ensure it runs smoothly. From yourself, who is probably the facilitator to someone who keeps notes and minutes, you need to create defined roles for real success and organisation. You should also ensure there is someone keeping time and ensuring all topics are covered in a timely fashion. You may even request an attendee or two takes on the role of “contributor” should things be quiet and you need more to keep the meeting going and engaging.

  1. Choose your Venue

Venue can be everything for a meeting. We truly believe in the benefits of off-site meetings and our meeting rooms Edinburgh clients enjoy regularly allow for a perfect space for any type of business get together. You need space and facilities which ensure you can get across your key messages with no interruption or difficulty.

  1. Plan in Advance

You need to prepare yourself and your attendees as much as possible before the event. Ensure you have your presentation and key points completely organised in your head and create relevant visuals to back them up and keep attendees engaged. You should also think about giving attendees any materials they can benefit from in advance, so they can be prepared and ready for the key message of the meeting.

The time and effort that goes into business meetings means you really don’t want to waste energy on disorganised and pointless events. Keeping these tips in mind will help to ensure a better chance of success for your meetings.

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