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The Modern Wedding Breakfast: Trends to Look Out For


Published By royalscotsclub on 02/11/2016

The meal which follows the wedding ceremony has almost always been traditionally known as the wedding breakfast. It doesn’t resemble a traditional Scottish breakfast or any kind of breakfast food and can be a chance to enjoy a spectacular meal, fine dining or your favourite foods.

The name of the wedding breakfast comes from historic time when wedding ceremonies were traditionally held after mass. The whole wedding party would respectfully fast before mass and therefore, the meal would be a genuine breaking of the fast. The name is kept as a reminder of this being the married couple’s first meal in matrimony. Wedding breakfasts vary from menu to menu and in many instances the wedding party play a key role in deciding exactly they want to offer. The wedding packages Scotland wedding venues offer allow for variety for different diets and favoured foods. As well as this there are trends in food which many people are just dying to enjoy on their special day. Here we are looking at some of the latest and predicted trends already growing in popularity in time for the next wedding season:

Keep it Local

Local fayre, so Scottish food in our case, is having a big come back. People want local food as they become more eco-conscious and champion the area where they’re getting wed. Seasonal food such as asparagus from May to June and strawberries at the height of August, will taste their best.

Playful Cocktails

Some brides and grooms go as far as creating individual cocktails for each of their guests. This may not be possible for everyone but having at least one unique cocktail for your wedding makes it extra special. There are also cocktails entering the food menu with mojito-inspired desserts and gin and tonic sorbets becoming more and more popular.

Goodbye to the Cake?

Traditional wedding cakes aren’t loved in the way they once were. Couples are investing less in the cake and more in the rest of their menu. What’s more kooky cupcakes, individually portioned cheesecakes and savoury cakes are becoming more popular. There is also a growing popularity for cheeseboards and cheese wheel cakes as well as doughnut mountains and other fun, alternative cake options.

Period Themes

1920s wedding themes are huge at the moment so many wedding breakfasts have a Great Gatsby inspired twist. Champagne towers, ice carvings and fresh seafood are back in popularity thanks to the current love for the roaring twenties. Other periods such as the 1960s in classy, urban New York and even Downton Abbey themed weddings are growing in popularity.

Talented chefs are always up to date with the latest trends, ensuring your wedding breakfast is one to remember. When you book your wedding at the Royal Scots Club you can discuss your meal requirements with our team and see example menus if required.

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