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New Arrivals at Edinburgh Zoo


Published By Crush Admin on 27/07/2017

Summer is always a great time to visit Edinburgh Zoo. Since it opened in 1913, the zoo has grown into one of Edinburgh’s most popular attractions for locals and visitors alike. With more than 1,000 rare and endangered animals, you can also be certain that you will be able to see lots of new additions around the zoo. While many people eagerly await the latest news, and the zookeepers are constantly on hand to help out when the new arrivals are due to be born.

New Gentoo babies

The Gentoo penguins are one of the animals to welcome new arrivals this year. Their breeding season can start as early as March, and you can expect to see the first babies being born around the beginning of April. For this reason, summer is always a great time to see chicks, as lots of them should have been born by that time. This breed of penguin is most well-known for its love of rocks – with male penguins showing their love for their females by competing to take them the smoothest rock they can find.

Rhea chicks

Ramon, the male Rhea at Edinburgh Zoo, was proud to become a father to three chicks this year. This rare species is popular with guests, and visitors this summer will be able to watch the adorable chicks running around. They are all developing very different personalities, and the way they interact with the other members of their feathered family is great to see.

Wallaby joeys

There were a number of wallaby joeys born in March this year. However, the young have only just started to venture out of their mother’s pouch. This is a wonderful thing for visitors to see, as you are able to watch as they take their very first steps into their brand-new environment. You can also make the most of the walkthrough enclosure, which gives you the chance to get incredibly close to the animals – who are getting more and more confident around members of the public every day.

Koala joey

There has also been a new koala joey born at the zoo, and the baby is almost at the stage where it is ready to leave its mother’s pouch. This is great, as it means that when you visit this summer you may well be the first people to see it taking steps on the ground – so you should definitely pay the enclosure a visit when you are at the zoo.
No matter what animal is your favourite, you can be sure that there is plenty to see at the zoo. This means that you can look forward to your visit, and be almost certain you will see plenty of new arrivals.

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