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Consent for Personal Data to be held by The Royal Scots Club

Dear Members,

Many of you will have heard of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which are a set of regulations for which any business, organisation, club or society will have to comply when they come into force in May 2018. The regulations have been put in place to limit and safeguard the use of personal information pertaining to individuals and what those organisations actually require for their legitimate purposes. Organisations can only hold your information if they have a lawful basis for doing so, there are only 6 lawful bases on which information can be held. At least one of them must be applied whenever information is processed. In regards to the functionality and workings of a members club such as our own, the legal basis is achieved by obtaining the consent of our members for specific purposes.

The specific purposes for which The Royal Scots Club holds data on any of its members are primarily to maintain vital communication with them related to:

  • Core member services – confirmation of membership, membership card, end of year renewal notice,  and information about events in the Club.
  • Any changes to the Club and its operations,
  • Respond to and investigate your questions, comments, complaints, concerns or allegations
  • Inform reciprocal clubs with whom you may wish to visit by way of letters of introduction

To enable the club to maintain the ability to communicate with its members, the new regulations require individual specific consent to hold data on each member.

The Consequences for not having this consent after 31st May 2018 are likely to manifest in the Club’s inability to use any data we have had historically to communicate with you, as we will effectively be barred from using it (in the absence of consent) and will be required to delete any information we hold up to that point in time.

Members have already provided the Club with a good deal of personal information already relating to the purposes of the club, set out above, however, I am now required to ask you for your explicit consent to obtain, store and process the data for Club purposes. This request also includes permission to take and hold photographs of members that are occasionally taken at Club events and are used in the Club Newsletter and on the website. I have therefore set out a number of requests for your information and a statement that you freely give your consent for such data that you provide, to be stored and processed by the Club, for the purposes if the Club and its Membership.

The law requires consent to be granted by individuals to organisations to retain personal data. For Data Protection purposes, The Royal Scots Club requires consent from all members, regardless of length or category of membership in order that personal data may be held to allow communication to be maintained.  All members of The Royal Scots Club are requested to complete this form in order that your information may be held on the club database.

This information will be held on The Royal Scots Club Database and may be used to facilitate the maintenance of contact between members of the Club and the Clubs committees and/or its administrators for the duration of the membership and subsequent renewals. Members must inform the Club of any future changes in any of the details provided.

I agree that the details on this form will be used for Club purposes only and may be passed to other members of the club, but only with the consent of the member whose details are to be transferred.