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Planning your Scottish Wedding


Published By royalscotsclub on 24/10/2016

There are many benefits to getting married in Scotland which is why people travel from around the UK and even the world to enjoy the romance and atmosphere in the country. The beauty of a wedding in Scotland is that you can get married absolutely anywhere and there are many options available, with both religious and civil ceremonies available. The wedding venues Scotland has to offer are extremely diverse and varied and whilst we may be biased, we think a traditional Scottish wedding is particularly charming and memorable when enjoyed in a traditional Scottish dwelling, such as our club.

Planning a Scottish wedding doesn’t have to be difficult and the freedom you have in the wedding packages Scotland Scottish venues offer means you can easily find something to suit your circumstances. Incorporating Scottish customs into your ceremony can really make it something special and below are some elements and Scottish tokens you could consider when planning the big day:


Planning a traditional Scottish wedding means you cannot possibly go without kilts. Scottish wedding attire is worn around the world but it is of course even more impactful when worn in Scotland. Traditionally the groom and groomsmen should where wedding kilts in the tartan of their choice and whilst there are no conventions or ‘rules’ for the bride, traditionally she will wear or carry a horseshoe charm for luck.

Wedding Entertainment

Keeping a Scottish theme is easy when it comes to entertainment. You could book anything from a traditional Ceilidh band to a Gaelic harp player. You could even hire a piper for a truly classic Scottish wedding experience. Traditional instruments help to create an authentic and exciting atmosphere. You could even go the whole way and make that first dance a traditional Scottish folk dance.

Wedding Gifts

Traditional Scottish wedding gifts include many weird and wonderful things. Clocks are traditionally given by the best man to the new couple and the maid of honour provides a tea set. Pewter gifts are also very popular.

Wedding Breakfast

Whilst the wedding breakfasts offered at the Royal Scots Club represent the finest offerings in modern Scottish cuisine, a traditional wedding breakfast would feature some core components. No Scottish wedding breakfast would be complete without smoked salmon and other premium Scottish ingredients include beef fillet, roe deer venison and scallops fresh from the sea.

Planning a wedding in Scotland is your chance to truly embrace the history and culture of the country. Of course, you could have your own ideas or an alternative twist on the traditional ways but in every instance, you will not be disappointed by what Scotland has to offer.

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