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Published By Members Admin on 15/09/2020


Limited Edition WW1 Royal Scots Soldier cast in lead. 

As part of The Royal Scots Club’s Centenary Commemorations, GianPiero Franchi, a young aspiring artist, recreated a scene from old photographs of The Princess Royal,  Princess Mary at The Royal Scots Club.

GianPiero handmade 100 individual lead soldiers to represent 100 years since the founding of the Club.

Three other characters were then cast in lead, The Princess Royal, Princess Mary and Colonel The Lord Henry Scott, whose idea it was it have a Memorial Club in honour of the 11,162 Royal Scots who lost their lives in the Great War.

We are delighted to be able to offer this limited edition WW1 Royal Scots Soldier.

Not available for shipping overseas.

Collection also available from the Club by calling Ayesha on 0131 525 6156.

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