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A Romantic Valentine’s in Edinburgh


Published By royalscotsclub on 29/01/2015

There be many contenders on the list for your Valentine’s Day romantic getaway this year but we reckon Edinburgh should be right up there with the rest. There are plenty of wonderful sights to see and more than that, plenty of opportunities for an intimate moment and some seriously special time with your significant other.

Here are some top ideas for what you could do on a romantic break to Edinburgh, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not.

Romantic Stroll

Why not whisk your Valentine off on a wonderful midday walk? Perhaps to mark the beginning of your day out in the city you can stroll the beautiful picturesque grounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens.  A huge and exceptionally well kept expanse of public park area, there are many examples of flower, plant and herb to enjoy. You can explore the greenhouses hand in hand and look out for squirrels, whilst enjoying each other’s company.

Picnic on a High

For something that is unique to Edinburgh you could enjoy a stroll over to Holyrood Park and then a walk up the stunning craggy terrain that surrounds Arthur’s Seat. With outstanding, panoramic views of the city you can enjoy a special Valentine Day’s picnic from the top of the world.

Art House Culture

For something a little different and the chance to snuggle up to your date consider enjoying the unique experience offered by the Cameo Cinema, which specialises in a range of independent, art house and unusual movies. Catching a bit of culture and enjoying the quaint surroundings makes for a memorable date.

Stargazing Extravaganza

If you want to truly see your date’s eyes light up then consider enjoying the romantic feat of stargazing at one of the Winter Astronomy Evenings offered by the Royal Observatory. Not many things are as romantic as stargazing and you’ll have the chance to look at all those famous constellations from a new perspective.

Traditional Scottish Night Out

If you’re up for a party then take your Valentine on a whisky tasting. Specialist shops are based along the Royal Mile but Edinburgh also has plenty of haggis and whisky bars too, where you can sip a dram and try the national dish at the same time. It may not sound very romantic but it will be when you’re with that special someone and it’s the chance to immerse yourself in Edinburgh culture and have a really great time.

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