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Sweet talking: How to select a dessert for your event?


Published By royalscotsclub on 16/07/2014

Every element of your event is carefully crafted to ensure you have nothing to worry about. The more you plan, the more you can enjoy the day itself and when it comes to the menu, there’s no use spending hours planning your main course and styling your starter if the dessert is going to let you down.

The type of dessert you choose is likely to be highly dependent on the kind of event you’re hosting as well as the tastes you have and how you think your guests will react to them. Key to your decision will be discussing your needs with the chosen venue so having a clear plan in your head of the type of dessert, along with the rest of your menu that you’re looking for can be really helpful. Below are some key considerations you may want to think through.

Complementary Courses

The most important consideration when choosing your dessert is that it fits with the rest of your menu. If you have had a heavy main then opting for a sponge-based dessert is probably not the way to go whilst a rich chocolate dessert maybe the perfect option after a light quiche or salad. If you have opted for a particular style of cuisine then stick to it, your guests will be confused if a Spanish starter is followed by a Greek main and a Mexican dessert. Your courses should flow from one to the next with an overrunning theme or cuisine connecting them.

Traditional or Contemporary

Choosing between a traditional dessert and one which may be a talking point because it stands out from the crowd is a tricky one. It can depend on the kind of event your holding or the type of guests you have invited. In some instances you can just opt for what you prefer and hope it goes down well. It is also possible to find talented pastry chefs who can fuse the traditional with the contemporary to create something to suit all palates.

Make it Personal

If you want your event to be memorable then try and add something personal to the dessert, as it is the finishing piece to your meal. Opt for additional buffer style dessert tables with cupcake stands, perhaps featuring personal messages or cake pop towers which stand out and ensure every guest has a little something extra to enjoy. You could also personalise your dessert by taking inspiration from your location. All regions have their own delicacies and you could select a dessert which perfectly ties in with the venue you have chosen.

The right dessert can be the perfect way to finish an event. It can create a talking point for guests and is a great way to bring an event to a close. A good dessert will make a meal memorable and it will also help keep the event in people’s minds long after it finishes. Take some time to think about your whole menu before committing to anything.

Photo credit: Kimberly Wardeman

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