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Tips for choosing your wedding venue


Published By royalscotsclub on 28/09/2016

The thought of deciding which wedding venue to choose can be daunting! Obviously The Royal Scots Club is our venue of choice, but here is a check list to bear in mind when making that all important decision.

1. Agree a budget
This will determine the guest numbers you’re inviting and the venues available to you. When starting stage 2 of choosing a venue you will need to have a clear idea of what you can afford cost wise per person and only see venues which are suitable for this. Remember food and beverage costs will go up yearly so allow a few pounds extra per person for your budget when looking at venues as a venue that is affordable to you this year may not be in two years when you actually get married.

2. Narrow down the choices
Discuss your preferred location, country or town? Will you have guests travelling? Is a certain venue easy to get to if so? When arranging appointments to see the venues try and aim for no more than 3 a day. It’s a tiring process and they will all start to merge into one after a while. Take a list of questions with you to ask the co-ordinator that are important to you e.g. will you be the only wedding at the venue that day, do they allow children, so they offer a children’s menu. It’s important to make the decision as a couple. Do you both like it and can you see your wedding happening there. Does it tick all your boxes? You need to decide if you would like the ceremony in the same location and if not is it close to your ideal locations for a ceremony? You may need to factor in things like transport cost between the ceremony venue and reception venue if you chose two different locations. If you decide to have it all in the same location would a room turnaround be required, if so how long will this take or is there a separate room you could use? Are they licensed for your preferred ceremony? Religious, civil or humanist are the most popular and most venues should have licencing for each.

3. Decide on a date
Most venues will book up a year in advance so it’s always a good idea to have a couple of dates in mind. Ask the venue to provisionally hold a date while you make up your mind so you’re not at risk of losing it. If you can, visit the venue exactly a year in advance to see what the gardens (if any) look like. You can never guarantee the weather on the day but it’s a good idea to see how areas like gardens will look at that time of year so you can start to plan the areas you would like photos. Also check the areas inside the venue you would be allowed to take photos. If the weather is inclement you will need an area big enough to take a few larger group shots with a nice back ground. Before paying the deposits go back for another look. Make sure you are 100% happy with your choice. It is after all the biggest aspect to your day. Take your family for lunch if possible to try out the food standard and get there opinion. Take your time in deciding. There is no rush and there is no time scale that’s correct with this. Every couple is different. Some book years in ahead where others book months. The venue will give you a time scale as to when they will need to either confirm or release booking but if you need extra time then just ask them.

4. Confirming your booking
One you have chosen your venue and agreed on the numbers and date you will need to pay a deposit to confirm the booking. Ask to see the venues terms and conditions before doing this and check to see if the deposit will be transferable and refundable if the date becomes unsuitable at any point. Most venues will state that the deposit is non-refundable if the date was to be cancelled but you may find that some will allow you to transfer the booking if the date ends up being a problem. Once you have paid the deposit the venue should send you a contract. It will have their terms and conditions on it and the other details for your day which are to be confirmed still. Make sure you sign a copy and send it to them and also ask for a signed copy from them. If you have agreed items like corkage or a reduced room hire make sure this is on the contract. The venue isn’t out to trick you at all but it makes things easier for both parties to have information such as this in writing.

To discuss how the Club could be the perfect choice for your special day, make an appointment with our wedding co-ordinator Ayesha

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